1. Mady

    I can’t believe that Spring Training is almost here!! It’s been way too long without baseball and even longer without you, Buster! It’s easy to see that you’ve been working incredibly hard and you inspire me all of the time. Because of you, I got interested in baseball and it seriously (not trying to sound cheesy or cliche-y) changed my life. It even helped me choose a career path (Sports & Buisiness Management. Someday I will be the first female GM in MLB). You inspire me to be a great person with your character as well! Keep up the hard work and I can’t wait to see you in Spring Training in a few days.

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  3. sweeney phillips

    Hey buster, hope you had a nice thanksgiving! i know the chances of you actually reading this are low, but i just want to put this out there: giants baseball isnt the same without you. you changed the game ever since you came up and i hope you enjoy your off season so we can see you behind the plate again! i happened to find one of the old newspapers i kept from 2010 and i realized how much i miss you! i love you though you have no idea who i am! see you in 2012 (:

  4. pharmaceutical sourcing

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and good health! My grandfather’s name was Buster, so I’ve been a fan ever since the Giants drafted you. Thanks for all the great memories so far, and for those yet to come. Looking forward to seeing you back on the field.
    Michael F.

  5. Laurel

    Hi, Buster — It was great to see the video clip of you doing some practice throwing. We are so looking forward to the start of the 2012 season. We love you guys, and will be waiting in the stands to welcome you back with open arms! You, and the entire team, have our love, admiration and support. We’re thinkin’ positive for ya!!! BTW, win or lose, we just love having the privilege of watching you guys play ball!!! : )

  6. Lynn Chelewski

    God bless you and heal you, Buster. We first saw you play in the CWS at Rosenblatt Stadium where you caught and pitched. Couldn’t believe your batting average. Trust in the Lord and lean not unto your own understanding; bad things happen to good people sometimes. You are a baseball legend, and we pray you heal phenomenally!
    Lynn Chelewski

  7. Henry G "Zeke" Bernstein

    Hi Buster,
    Here’s a big get well wish with a little extra in it. As a nutritionist, there is one food that can work miracles for rebuilding any physical injury, and that is BAMBOO SHOOTS. It is the highest source of silicon, which provides the physical and energetic matrix for building bone and connective tissue. Seven years ago, I busted my own foot. After six months of pain and PT that got nowhere, I ate bamboo shoots every day and in one month I had a new foot, painfree. Ever try to break a stalk of bamboo in half ? Very Best Wishes, Zeke

  8. Alex F

    Hey Buster its me again,
    I just wanna check up see how’s my favorite player doing? i hope your having a good time with your wife and kids. i hope you get well soon and back at home plate. your the best buster, get better soon ok. good luck with everything.
    from your biggest fan,
    Alex F

  9. Diane

    Hi Buster
    How are you doing?Hope you are doing well.
    When you last played with Padres months back,I took some nice pix’s of you …and I look back at them and get tears in my eyes saying that Cousins shouldn’t of never ram hard into you like that!!!
    I know he’s in hiding and he knows how he felt what he did!
    My heart goes out to you and hoping for speedy recovery,take your time Buster !!
    Hope the twins are doing just fine!

  10. Alex F.

    Hey Buster!! its me again Alex F.
    Wanna see how you holding up and how are the kids? i hope your using this time to spend time with your family and getting your leg fixed up so you can be back in the game. we all miss you and cant wait to see you back in the game. we need you back at home plate buster. i hope you get well soon and cant wait to see you back in the game. best of luck Posey!!

    From your biggest fan,
    Alex F.

  11. Katie28forever

    Hey Buster,
    they finally beat the astros for you!
    missing you everyday and hoping for a speedy recovery!
    can’t wait to see you back in action!
    -Katie πŸ™‚

  12. Diane Ambrose

    How are you doing? I hope you are doing well with therapy..
    Congrats to you and your wife on new twins.
    Buster You are a All American Well Liked All Around Catcher!!!!! I voted for you.
    I will never forget the day you Homered at Padres game months ago and has you came around
    from 3rd.base to home I then noticed after I got home I was on tv along with my giants banner and your name on the other side of banner and both sides of my face was painted Posey..So many fans asked me to take my pix
    .I’m a longtime avid fan of Giants from way back in yrs.
    I hope you are in no pain.
    Buster..You are greatly missed by many of us all over U.S.
    Take Care

  13. Katie28forever

    congrats on your twins! lee and Addison are THE cutest names EVER and they are so lucky to have such an awesome dad, I hope everything is going well and you better be there for your wife! haha because i know you will be!
    CONGRATS and i can’t wait until the 2012 season.
    (they obviously need you, after some hideous losses lately…)
    -Katie πŸ™‚

  14. Alex F.

    Hey Buster, Its me again Alex F.
    Congrats to you and your wife of having twin babies. We are all happy for you and the whole Posey family. I hope while your gone, you can enjoy your time with your twin babies and hope you continue to make a full recovery. Get well Buster! Your the best!!!
    Your biggest fan,
    Alex F.

  15. LAUREL

    Hi, Buster! Congratulations to you and Kristin on the birth of your twins! We are so very happy for you. Enjoy them while you can. If People magazine wants to put you guys on their front cover, charge them at least a million bucks!!! ; )

  16. Mady

    Just want to pop in one more time and say congratulations, Buster, on the birth of your twins! So happy for you! You and your family deserve the best! We’ll see you in spring training! Congratulations again!

  17. Katie28forever

    hi buster,
    i was watching the game today and it absolutely KILLED me that the marlins won! Thye absolutely don’t deserve it! we’ll get em for YOU… eventually…
    I miss you way too much so you get better, got it?!?!
    love you!
    -Katie πŸ™‚

  18. Alex F.

    Hey Buster,
    Its me again Alex F.
    I wanted to check up and see how you doing?
    i hope your making a very well recovery and we all miss you at home plate!
    When I heard you were continuing to make a full recovery, I was excited and happy for you. Your my number one favorite player!
    Continue to heal and hope to see you next year back in the game.
    From your biggest fan,
    Alex F.

  19. Alex F.

    Hey Buster,
    Its me again Alex F.
    I want to check in and see how you doing?
    We all miss you Buster and hope your continuing to make a full recovery
    Me and everyone else missed you at home plate and glad your going to be back next year. Your my favorite player and my hero
    Please get better Posey, Your number 28 but your my #1 favorite player
    Take care,
    Your biggest Fan,
    Alex F

  20. Danielle

    Hi Buster,
    Just adding to the chorus of Giants fans to let you know that this fan is thinking about you and your family. Enjoy your new adventure of fatherhood, and heal up. Looking forward to seeing you in the Orange and Black next year!


  21. Katie28forever

    get better buster!!
    #28 on the field #1 in our hearts!
    can’t wait to see you better than eveerr!! woohoo
    i can’t wait til your kids arrive, have the time of you life with them!

  22. zane

    get well buster! we can’t wait to see you back better than ever!

    Zane (age 9), Sebastian (age 4), Jeff (age 44), Julie (age 41)

  23. Alex F

    Hey Buster!!
    Its me again Alex F.

    I hope everything is going good in rehab, we all miss you at home plate and cant wait to see you back there next year. Your my superhero Buster, its sad to see you like this. Continue to make a full recovery OK buddy

    Get better Posey OK, the game is not the same without you.

    From your biggest fan,
    Alex F.

  24. Bev Dittberner

    Buster, My husband and I first saw you play in Sacramento against the Rivercats and
    I remember him saying, that’s a man to watch- he is going far- When you were hurt , it felt like a family member had been hurt- I know that may seem odd, but Bochy has created a team that feels like a family to us fans. We have grown to really care about you all and that is only one on the many many reasons I love baseball.
    Hope you are recovering and please know you are in our hearts and prayers all the time- We miss you and look forward to your return. In the mean time- I hope you are enjoying being home your family, an unexpected silver lining.
    all our best,
    Bev & Phil

  25. Alex F

    Hey Buster!!
    Its me again Alex F.
    Just checking up to see how you doing. I hope your leg is doing great and making a full recovery! We all miss you at home plate and were glad that your coming back next year. Your my favorite player and my hero!!

    Well, I hope to catch you later and enjoy your time off.

    From your biggest fan,
    Alex F.

  26. Bobbi Alanna

    I’m sure you won’t get to much of these, considering you’re working on getting better. But I just want you to know that you’re no alone in your quest to being healthy again. I catch for my fastpitch team and recently tore all the ligaments in my ankle and need to have some of my muscle removed in order to keep the swelling down because of a play very similar to the one you hurt yourself in. Seeing you go through what I’m going through really helps me out and inspires me to not give up. Here’s to a speedy recovery for both of us!

  27. M.g. Hirsch

    We made a cake in your honor, Buster!! Get well soon!!


    Can’t wait to see you back on the field!
    Your Biggest Oklahoma Fans

  28. Kevin Curran


    Tough play but a typical catchers play at home right?… very sorry it went wrong for you and I hope you heal up well and better than before, we’re looking forward to your getting back with the team.

    Get Well soon.

    The Currans
    Danville, CA

  29. Joe

    I’m not a Giants fan, but was watching the franchise today and saw the brace/crutches/scooter you have to deal with. Can certainly empathize with your situation. Tore my Achilles recently. Out of commission for 3 months. Crutches suck! You don’t realize how debilitating it all can be until you experience it for yourself. Get well soon.

  30. Alex Fregoso

    Hey Buster,
    Its Alex F. again, i saw you at the game last night, you look better and i’m glad you are making good progress, we all miss you at home plate and hope to see you back there.

    i hope everything is ok with your leg and i hope your having all this time to relax and kick back.

    hope to see you again,
    Your biggest fan,
    Alex F.

  31. DJ & Alice Yu

    It’s good to see you at AT&T, hanging with the team on the rail in the dugout. Looking forward to seeing you on the field with your gear on again soon! Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery! Miss you lots!

  32. Diane Kaspari

    Hi Buster, Wishing you continued healing. All your fans miss you terribly!!! You are an inspiration, so please keep coming back to the ballpark when you can this season. It helps. Also Send my best wishes for your babies to be. You will love being a dad. Treasure the moments as they grow up so darn fast. Looking forward to seeing you back at catcher next season.

    Lots of love. Diane K.

  33. LAUREL

    Hey, Buster, It’s nice to see you visiting the ballpark. We’re all waiting for the great day when you return to play again. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  34. Katie D.

    Hey kid, We miss you! Hope you are healing well and will be back behind the plate next season. I know your spirit and energy is helping the guys every day. You bring so much to the game. Hang in there, and do your best to enjoy every minute of being a part of the greatest team in baseball–on or off the field!

  35. Sue Cleek

    Dear Buster,

    My family and I send you healing wishes daily. We are big Giants fans and are especially big Buster Posey fans. I heard somewhere that your wife is pregnant with twins. If this is true, I hope you’ll be able to support and cherish your wife and children during this professionally challenging time. I have twin boys and can think of no time more amazing in my life than my pregnancy and first few months of motherhood. You are a wonderful role model for my boys- they want to be like you! We miss you and look forward to your healthy return to baseball. In the meantime, I wish you and your wife a healthy pregnancy and a miraculous beginning to parenthood.

    Best wishes,
    Sue Cleek

  36. Raquel Govea

    Hi Buster!! πŸ™‚
    So I’ve been reading A Band of MiSFits (great book by the way) & it has made me love the Giants more than I already do & I’ve loved the Giants since I was a baby I grew up with the Giants they’re my team no matter what happens. But because of this book I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re all around perfect. I don’t know if you’ve read it (I recommend it) but it talks about how smart you are, how naturally talented you are, how you’re a hard worker, at one point it says “Buster Posey seemingly walked out of the New Testament.” I’m not trying to be mean, you’re awesome this book just increased your awesomeness.
    Ok Love you πŸ™‚
    Raquel Govea, the Govea family & the Re family.

  37. Katie28forever

    Hi Buster,
    I was just letting you know that I voted for you for the all star game. Whether you are playing your heart out or sitting in the dugout cheering on your teammates, you deserve to be on that team. You are the best catcher in the MLB and everyone is aware of that so, you should be recognized for it whether you are playing or not.
    Get well soon and I hope you are doing well!
    Love always,
    Katie πŸ™‚

  38. Alex Fregoso

    Hey Buster,
    Its Alex F agian.
    I hope your making a well recovery and also hoping your enjoying your tine off. I hope to see you back at home plate agian Buster. You inspire me in a lot of way, Your my favorite player and will always be. Talk to you soon Buster
    Your biggest fan,
    Alex F.

  39. Jenna cole

    So apparently to some people im a stalker? Haha. I look up to you so much. You inspire me when I play softball. I dont get how that means I’m a stalker? You are my role model, and I just know a lot about you. Doesn’t mean im a stalker! And its not a crush, its an inspiration. And there’s a bunch of other girls on Here who sound like me so why am I the stalker haha? Anyway, you are who I look up to the most and I miss you being on the field so much like everyone else does!
    Oh and I got to meet you and hang out with you last night!
    But then I woke up:(
    Best dream ever:)
    Hope your feeling better!
    Love always,
    Jenna Cole πŸ™‚

  40. Alex Fregoso

    Hey Buster,
    Its your biggest fan here agian,
    Just wanted to keep in touch and see how your doing.
    I hope your making a great recovery and soon will be cleared to play agian. Your my favorite player and will always be my favorite player.
    Get well soon!
    Your Biggest Fan,
    Alex F.

  41. Katie28forever

    you need to get better, NEVER EVER EVER EVER think you are letting your fans down because you are not. You need to get better for you!! I love you with all my heart and so does the rest of the world, thanks for contributing so much to baseball and to my life by playing for the giants! you are my idol and I cannot wait to see you back in action!
    ILY forever!

  42. Barbara

    Dear Buster,
    All good wishes for complete healing! I so enjoyed your playing last year and learning more about your role as a catcher. While you recuperate, feel the energy the many fans are sending your way for your good health!
    A new baseball fan

    • armaan

      This overall content is fantastic. You make many points that I can agree with and others I need to ponder a bit. Your information content and writing ability is well above my expectations. Great work!
      Garrett Pro Pointer

  43. Erica

    You made last year so awesome. We are missing you now and so upset for what happened. I am so impressed with your “get to work on what needs to be done” attitude. It will surely help in your recovery. This along with the fight we see in your approach to the game will get you back. Thanks for everything you mean to the giants and us fans!

  44. Michael Flitner

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and good health! My grandfather’s name was Buster, so I’ve been a fan ever since the Giants drafted you. Thanks for all the great memories so far, and for those yet to come. Looking forward to seeing you back on the field.
    Michael F.

  45. Neil


    You are a great inspiration to everyone! You are going to be sorely missed the rest of this year. I look forward to seeing you back on the field in 2012. Enjoy the time off to be with the soon to be newborns! That will be a moment you’ll never forget and a blessing in disguise for you. See you out on the field in 2012 and let yourself heal properly. I look forward to a long career in the bigs for you.

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